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Why Homes in Cleveland Need to Shred Their Documents

Most people have security measures in place to protect their families and their important investments. People lock their home and cars regularly to ensure they don’t get stolen, broken into or damaged. But because it’s intangible, people often forget to make the same effort to keep their identity safe. If you have documents with private information in your home, they are at risk of being stolen and used for fraudulent purposes. No matter how good your home security system is, and no matter where you live in Cleveland, you are still vulnerable.

Cost of paper shredding in Cleveland Shredding Service

Every year more and more people become victims of identity theft. And sadly, many people have no idea how it even happened in the first place. The unfortunate truth is that it could have been caused by something as simple as having thrown their personal papers in the trash. Because it’s so common that people carelessly throw away medical records, band statements and credit card information, thieves know to target your trash and will dumpster dive to obtain your information. This is why document shredding is important.

There are laws in place at the federal and Ohio state levels that protect victims of identity theft. Federal law decrees that victims are not responsible for any more than $50 in fraudulent charges on their accounts. However, if you factor in the costs of the time and effort spent trying to reorganize a financial situation and rebuild a credit score, the cost of shredding your paperwork before tossing it doesn’t seem so bad.

How Can My Cleveland Home Benefit from Shredding Services?

Document shredding services are not just for large corporations anymore. Advancements in the paper shredding industry have made it easier than ever for households to make use of these services. Cleveland Shredding Service and Record Storage have a network of providers who offer several types of shredding services to fit your specific needs. On site shredding is available if you’d like to watch and make sure your documents are destroyed, and off site shredding offers a more economical solution. Both services have a truck come directly to your location to pick up your old files and records, and will give you a certificate of destruction for every job.

These services make shredding services so easy, there’s no reason not to have your personal documents shredded. Cleveland Shredding Service and Record Storage’s partners can pick up any amount of paperwork, from one box to a warehouse full of documents. We service location across North Eastern Ohio and offer secure shredding services so that you and your family don’t need to worry about the safety of your private information.

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Even household documents are vulnerable to the sneaky, insatiable hands of identity thefts. Protect yourself and your family today by calling Cleveland Shredding Service and Record Storage. Give us a call at (216) 370-7379 for free quotes today.

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